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To be victorious means to pass obstacles with ease.

Thought to ponder: The ones who aim to become victorious never think of not being faced with obstacles. Instead they look at each obstacle as a chance to use and express their own inner powers. So there is constant progress visible in them.

Point to practice: When I am prepared for the inevitable challenges that life brings, I will not experience fear, tension or anxiety but will always be confident and fearless. Apart from actually being victorious in the situation, I also experience winning over my weaknesses and discovering new powers within me.


To be seated on a powerful stage is to ensure right decisions are made.

Thought to ponder: A king or a judge is seated on a seat, weighs the pros and cons and only then makes decisions. In the same way while making any important decisions, I need to set myself on a powerful stage of confidence and self respect. Being in this stage, I need to look with detachment and make the decision. Even if I have already acted impulsively, I need to re look. Because decisions made with the wrong state of mind are usually wrong too.

Point to practice: Today I will first check the quality of my thoughts before I make any important decision. I am going to stop, change my thoughts, create a powerful stage and only then make decisions. This will make my decisions right and fruitful. I will be free from the negative impact of impulsive, hasty decisions.


To believe that destiny is in my hands is to create a positive future for myself

Thought to ponder: It is easy to blame destiny when something goes wrong. But instead of just blaming, if we begin to understand that ‘today is past for tomorrow, we will be able to act accordingly. With every action that I am doing today, I am creating a future for myself. I need to pay attention to do such actions which will create a better future for myself. Point to practice: Today I will do something that will help me build a better future for myself. I will initiate one positive action that I will sustain. I will do this with the belief that I am the master of my destiny and that future is in my hands. This will help me create a fortune for myself.


The biggest service is to ensure that if any one comes to us, they don’t go away empty handed.

Expression: When someone comes to me I need to ensure they don’t go away empty handed. That is, I need to find something to give them that will make them feel benefitted. Something that will make them feel better. They need to feel that they have gained something from the interaction they had with us.

Experience: Today I will have special attention that if anyone comes to me, I will give them something that will make them better. This need not be any physical thing, but it could be an encouraging word, a pat on the back, a solution, a suggestion or even a good wish in the mind


To have a vision of seeing specialities is to pave the way for progress.

Thought to ponder: When I have a vision of seeing specialities, I am able to encourage people to do better. Firstly, I am free from negative or waste thoughts. And most importantly, I am able to help people discover their strengths and give them the power to use them. This ensures progress for them as well as me.

Point to practice: Today I will encourage at least one person with my positive words. I will observe something good in that person and appreciate. This practice will help us experience continuous progress, in spite of difficult circumstances or mistakes.


To have inner strength in all circumstances is to ensure progress.

Expression: To have inner strength is to be so powerful within that there is a capacity to mould myself in all the variety that life brings. The more I know how to pave my way forward and also have the power to do it, I ensure progress. Like a blade of grass I need to be rooted yet knowhow to mould myself according to the wind.

Experience: Today I will make the effort to find a way to deal with someone or something that I haven’t been able to. I will find something in me that I can use to deal with what is difficult outside. There is surely something in me; I just need to find it. Even if I can’t find something, let me at least take the thought that I have the power within me to do it. And as I keep practicing I will surely get success.


To make effort and get the fruit is to ensure real progress.

Thought to ponder: Sometimes, things come easy and sometimes they don’t. When we put in a lot of effort and then get the result of it, there is double benefit. One is of course the result as a positive outcome and the satisfaction is much more because I have earned it. The other is the many trials that I had to make would let me gain many experiences and I end up getting richer with these experiences.

Point to practice: Today I will take up something I had started with enthusiasm or wanted to start. I will give my thought, time and energy to it and make sure that I make it happen. I will take a thought today not to leave it mid way but see it through till I succeed.


To have a powerful intellect is to take the positive and leave out waste.

Expression: I need to make my intellect powerful like a swan (it only takes jewels and leaves out the pebbles). I need to recognize and accept what is good for me and reject what is not good for me. With practice I find that it becomes a habit to see only that which is good for me. This will make me positive in all my future interactions too.

Experience: Today I will make a conscious effort to find some aspect of my life that is positive. This I need to remember consciously and remind myself from time to time so that I can carry it through the day. This will ensure a touch of positivity to all I do.


To receive respect from others comes more with responsibility than as a right.

Expression: The one who gets respect is the one who becomes worthy of it rather than the one who just expects it. True respect comes from how well a task is done rather than what is done. The more one’s speciality is expressed, the more one becomes worthy of respect.

Experience: When I go on giving my best in whatever is expected of me, I will start receiving respect from those around me. I will then never expect from others but will naturally be able to give respect to all. This further makes me earn their love and regard.


To give food for the mind is to nourish it and make it healthy.

Expression: Just as nourishing food is required for the body, the mind too requires nourishment. Through out the day, the mind is receiving a lot of things which are not so positive or outright negative. So, it becomes necessary to give the mind something positive. We need to make an effort to look out for this positivity and allow our minds to dwell on it.

Experience: Today I will spend some time with something or someone good. I will either read something which will enhance the quality of my thoughts, or spend time with someone who will enable me to see things in a new light. This will help me maintain my positivity throughout the day.