AuthorDivine Awakening

Introspection enables one to be free from the influence of negativity.

Thought to ponder: Introspection means the desire to be good. Introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart, thus enabling one to activate the inner spirituality. Then all effort made will be towards activating this inherent goodness. And slowly one finds that the behaviour associated with negative traits are no more expressed, as they begin to lose their hold.

Point to practice: When I am able to introspect and look within, I can find the goodness that is there within me. Because of this, I naturally am free from expectations from others that they should recognise my goodness or consider me good. Instead I find myself content with what I am and continue to bring out the best from within me. I also continue to learn from all situations and experience progress.


Attention finishes tension.

Thought to ponder: When there is attention on small little things, I do everything well. I don’t postpone, nor am I careless. I take care of the small little details and do things well. I am also far sighted and am able to plan and act accordingly. So I am free from tension.

Point to practice: Today I will finish all those little things that would create a problem for me later. I will surely make a list of things I need to do. I will then pick out two tasks from that list and finish them today.


Real powerful actions inspire others to be positive and powerful too.

Thought to ponder: There is a saying that there is a metal (‘Paras’) that makes iron to gold. We need to be like that, i.e., when our words and actions are powerful, it will inspire others to become powerful too. On the other hand, in the face of negativity, if we tend to portray negativity, they will never have the power to make their actions positive.

Point to practice: Today I will take a fast of not using negativity. Just for today, I will make sure that in spite of negative situations, I will remain positive. I will let no negative word emerge from my mouth nor will I perform any negative action. I will pay special attention to this


To be powerful is to have the ability to withstand negativity.

Thought to ponder: When there is power within, I am able to respond in the right way to situations and people. I will be like a hard rock which doesn’t allow any water to go within. On the other hand, if I become like a sponge, I will absorb a lot of what others are giving me. If I continue to absorb others’ negativity, I would find myself becoming negative too. Since I am taking, they too would continue giving me.

Point to practice: Today I will be strong. I will take a powerful thought that I will keep it with me through out the day. I am the one who has the power within me to withstand anything that comes my way. When I think this way, I will be able to move forward, learning and discovering something new from within me at every step


To be free from expectations is to have freedom.

Thought to ponder: When I expect others to behave in a particular way, and they don’t fulfill these expectations, there is sorrow. I slowly become totally dependent on others’ behavior for my state of happiness and wellbeing. Since others will mostly not behave according to what I want them to, I feel mostly deprived.

Point to practice: Today I will be a giver instead of a taker, whenever I am faced with a difficult situation. Let me check within, what I have and give from it. It could be a simple thought of understanding, positivity or even a good wish. When I do this, I will be free from the bondage of expectations and disappointments


To have accurate understanding is to be cheerful.

Thought to ponder: Just like a scientist who has love for truth, will spend hours together, and repeat experiments to find the truth, we too need to make effort to get to the truth of things. The truth is always beautiful and will make me positive and cheerful. If I am not able to be cheerful, it means I need to experiment some more.

Point to practice: Today I will make a special effort to see the beauty in everything. I will also check if I am able to be constantly cheerful or not. I’ll also make special effort to understand the deeper aspects. I will not give up till I get to the beauty of things.


To sow the right seed of positivity is to reap the sweet fruit of success.

Thought to ponder: As is our thought, so is our action and so is the result of our action. It is most important to check the quality of the first thought of our day. If the seed of positivity is sown right in the beginning, it becomes easy to deal with the variety that the day brings, and influence it with our own inner positivity. So, right in the morning, it is important to check the quality of my first thought.

Point to practice: Today I will start my day with a positive thought. I will ensure I sow the right seed in the form of a simple thought like “I am happy today” or ” I am going to succeed in all I do” For today I will not let any waste or negative thought influence this seed. I will remind myself, from time to time, through out the day.


To understand the uniqueness of each and every role is to be strong.

Expression: Each and every person has a unique role to play in the drama of life. There ought to be variety. So, not all will behave like I want them to. If someone is playing a negative role in my life, I need not worry as I get to play the hero.

Experience: Today I will watch with detachment the drama of life that is unfolding around me. Each and every scene is being played to enrich my experiences and make me powerful. I am the hero actor in this wonderful play


Faith in one’s progress brings contentment.

Expression: Even when the situation is not according to what is expected, there is contentment for the one who has faith in his own progress. Such a person will not just sit back waiting for things to change nor will he just curse his fate. Instead he’ll do his best and use all his resources in bettering the situation.

Experience: The understanding that all life’s situations are a training for me, automatically keeps me content in all situations. There is naturally an experience of constant progress and a feeling of having gained something from all situations.


True freedom is to be from seeing negativity.

Thought to ponder: Sometimes, we do feel bound and helpless because of certain situations or people. We try hard to escape from it, but we are not able to. We tend to think a lot about it and waste our time and energy. Hence, we are further caught up in it. On the other hand, when we make the effort of seeing and working on some positive aspect in ourselves, the situation and people, we are able to be truly free, first in our own minds. We then would be in a state of mind to find the right solution.

Point to practice: Today I will invest my time and thoughts in seeing the virtues of people around me. I will give a thought of good wish to each and every one I meet. If I catch myself perceiving negative, I will stop and change my thoughts immediately. I will not waste my thoughts and time today in something which is no use anyway.